So Long, Mr. Renzi.

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I had some suspects, but I felt I truly grokked Mr. Renzi only after I heard him proposing to abolish, in truth to demote, the Senate. You've got 9 millions electors who have very recently voted for a newly minted party whose only ideological tenet is the establishment of a direct democracy, you've got millions of people in the north of the country who voted for a generation a party, which so many viewed merely as a crew of racist crooks, because that was the only party in the game promising the Swiss model of  federal and direct democracy, you've got your own party filled to the brim of people who would like greater democracy, and well, it's in the very name of your party, isn't it, and you come out proposing to decrease the representativity and to emasculate the tiny bit of democratic oversight left in the legislative process of such a feudal country? Are you stupid, or otherwise have you got a very different agenda from that of the electors which are propelling you in the upper echelons of the ruling caste? Do you plan to scrap those old cronies to restore, or shall we say introduce, democracy, or to replace them with your own fellas?

 Voters di not want 'direct democracy' or the 'Swiss model'. They want blood becuase they are extremely angry that their income is falling and that their sons do not get jobs etc.. Berluscon first and then Grillo convince them that the Casta is to be blamed for all their woes

 Voters di not want 'direct democracy' or the 'Swiss model'. 

Perhaps so, but still they flocked in their millions to vote for parties with those selling points, and if we restrict ourselves to voters who are politically proactive, for the M5S membership direct democracy is an act of faith,  as it was a Swiss-like federalism for the LN membership, and I understand greater democracy is still in great demand in the PD ranks.

If they merely wished blood, they would have flooded extremist parties, i.e. communist or fascist or even religious factions, but so far they haven't.