The debate with Bradford De Long

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Quite strange: it's the first time that I hear, or read, about "excuses" from an accademic, especially to have not been clear, or compulsive, thanks Michael.

About your points, as above specified, I have nothing to say, except that there is no evidence that the "stimolous" shall work, but, on the other hand, there is no evidence that shall not. It's a question of faith, in "panic time", I think, it's the only thing that we can expect. In the while, I note, cars are still on the way, shops are still opened, people answers to telephone, the world has not stopped himself, just seems to adjust.

Nobody can fight with panic, is not an economic issue, it's only question of faith. Does it ?

About new rules for the financial sector, I agree with you 100%, and, I'm sure that you agree with me with this point: the new rules cannot be written with the same people that put us in this situation.

Your last point isn't  a discussion point: it's a nightmare. Have you any model for the nightmare ?