The debate with Bradford De Long

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I guess someone got your point:

Boldrin has the good point that this focus on the stimulus package diverts the focus on the more serious issue of the reform of the banking system, and that's why he opposes it.
He points out the case in Japan, where the government did quick fixes w/ plenty of stimulus packages for a decade fruitlessly, and then only when they decided to fix the root of the problem - the financial system - the economy went back to track.

Someone agrees with your self-criticisms:

I like Brad point's better. Boldrini is just saying that we do not know what to do, so we should just do nothing. He did not mention the word unemployment in his opening statement.

But most people really care only about one thing:

There's a very hot Davis professor who makes a question to Boldrini.

And they keep mispelling my last name, as if I were from Ferrara or even further south of the Po river!