L'economia politica de "gli economisti"

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Molto interessante la lettera, grazie! Quindi già nel 1949 (questa la data in calce al file linkato) era evidente a chi voleva vedere, che:

"So many people, above all with us, in Italy, declare themselves to be Keynesians, not
because they really approve (or know) the questions of «propensities», «preferences», and the like,
but because they sec in Keynes’s ideas the justification of an «investment policy».
Whether we like it or not, a process of economic unification is taking place in our day. It is a
process that seems to be leading towards an economically unified society, towards a «socialistic»
economy. This (rightly Schumpeter says) is becoming a wide-spread conviction, although not
openly expressed, even among conservatives. Keynesianism is perhaps the form in which this
tendency finds expression in a large section of the academic world."

Cambiato tantissimo in 60 anni! :)